• Project Sister Bean

    Project Sister Bean - Mechelen

    Concept: Eline Pauwels

    Execution: Vonduren - www.vonduren.be

  • DevoNatural Reactive

    Unique aged effects with DevoNatural Reactive

    Add years to your oak parquet floor
    – in one single step!

  • DevoNatural High Solid Oil

    Colour and protect with a single coat for each parquet floor!

    The natural glow of an oiled parquet floor catches everyone’s eye.

  • DevoNatural Finish

    DevoNatural stain and wear resistant varnishes for parquet floors

    The right DevoNatural varnish for your every need!

  • DevoNatural Solid Wax

    Waxing your parquet floor

    The old-fashioned look of a beautiful, natural and deep shine…

A comprehensive range of environmentally friendly products for colouring, finishing and maintaining parquet and plank flooring

The philosophy behind DevoNatural® products

The DevoNatural range of professional parquet floor products meets the highest standards when it comes to treating parquet floors.

It is all about quality without compromise, developing products using the best raw materials and cutting-edge technologies.

DevoNatural is available in original colours and contemporary finishes, which are fully in harmony with the latest trends in interior design.

All DevoNatural products


DevoNatural® Colour

Contemporary water-based colour stain for parquet and wooden floors.

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DevoNatural® Reactive

Reactive aging product with smoked effect for oak parquet and wooden floors, doors, windows, furniture, etc.

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DevoNatural® High Solid Oil

Natural high solid oil, hardening, single layer system, for use on interior and exterior woodwork.

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DevoNatural® Extra Hardener

Prepolymer-based component for faster hardening DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

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DevoNatural® Finish

Bleaching Matt

Bleaching varnish, natural and matt, for parquet and wooden floors.

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DevoNatural® Finish

Matt Oiled Look

Natural matt varnish for parquet and wooden floors.

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DevoNatural® Finish

Greying Matt

Greying varnish, natural and matt, for parquet and wooden floors.

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DevoNatural® Finish


Natural satin varnish for parquet and wooden floors.

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DevoNatural® Passage

Ultra Matt

Dual component varnish for parquet floors and stairs, in aqueous phase. Extremely wear resistant and invisible!

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DevoNatural® Passage


Dual component varnish for parquet floors and stairs in aqueous phase, extremely wear resistant!

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DevoNatural® Transit


Dual component aqueous varnish for parquet floors, very wear resistant.

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DevoNatural® Liquid Wax

Liquid cleaning wax for maintaining waxed floors.

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DevoNatural® Soap

Nourishing and cleaning soap for untreated or oiled wooden and porous natural stone floors.

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DevoNatural® Wood Soap

Cleaning and nourishing soap for oiled and untreated wooden floors.

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DevoNatural® High Solid Oil Renewer

Maintenance and renewer oil for parquet floors.

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DevoNatural® Intensive Cleaner

Powerful cleaner for removing old layers of soap, polymer films and polishes.

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DevoNatural® Soft Cleaner

Cleaner for regular maintenance of varnished parquet, bamboo, cork, vinyl and laminate floors.

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DevoNatural® Polish

Protective coating for varnished parquet, wood, bamboo and cork floors.

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DevoNatural® Outdoor Woodcleaner

Powerful cleaner for renewing weathered hardwood.

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