DevoNatural® stands out in every way

When DevoNatural develops a new product, it will always meet all specific needs as to the finishing of parquet and plank flooring.

For every type of product, “varnish, oil, wax or soap”, DevoNatural always strives to achieve the highest possible results, in terms of protecting the environment, wear resistance, resistance to chemical products, colour stability, UV resistance, hardness, elasticity, etc. DevoNatural also attaches particular importance to ensuring that the product is easy to apply and dries as rapidly as possible. In addition, DevoNatural developed an appropriate maintenance product for each type of finish.

A great deal is expected of finishing products for parquet floors, compared to other wood finishing products. It goes without saying that parquet floors are heavily used every day and have to be extremely resistant…

A DevoNatural treated parquet floor, properly maintained, is guaranteed to be highly resistant for many long years.