DevoNatural® Outdoor Woodcleaner

Powerful cleaner

Powerful oxalic acid-based cleaner that restores the original colour of weathered wood.

DevoNatural Outdoor Woodcleaner - Intensieve reiniger op basis van oxaalzuur om verweerd hout zijn oorspronkelijke kleur terug te geven.Application

Restore the original shine in hardwood that has become grey, due to prolonged exposure to the weather, by using DevoNatural Outdoor Woodcleaner. Hardwood can therefore be restored to its original colour. Ideal for annual cleaning of decking, hardwood garden furniture, etc.

  • Gives new life to your hardwood decking, garden furniture, etc. Removes the greyish colour of wood;
  • Effective oxalic acid-based product.


Surface preparation: The surface must be dry and free of dust and dirt. If the wood has become extremely grey, it is always recommended that you first sand the wood lightly.

Product preparation: Shake well before use. For normal use, dilute 0.5 litre DevoNatural Outdoor Woodcleaner with 10 litres of water. If the wood has become extremely grey, dilute 1 litre DevoNatural Outdoor Woodcleaner with 10 litres of water. Do not use undiluted!

Application: Apply the mixture and rub the surface, using an abrasive sponge or scrubbing brush. You may wish to cover large surfaces using a rotating machine. Always spread the product evenly/rub thoroughly, before rinsing with clean water. If required, repeat the process. Allow the wood to dry fully before treating the surface again. If necessary, cover adjacent and underlying surfaces!

Drying time: 8-24 hours, depending on the density of the wood, quantity of product used, duration of treatment and other external factors.

Finish: The finish coat can be applied after the floor has fully dried (min. 24 hours) using DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

Working temperature: Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C.

Consumption: For floors: 20 – 50 m²/litre, depending on the amount of dirt.

Clean tools: Using water.

Conservation: Minimum of 2 years in properly sealed packaging. Protect against frost.

Disposal: Any left-over product should be handled as chemical waste and properly disposed of, in compliance with the local regulations.

Attention: Always wear suitable gloves.



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Technical data sheet DevoNatural Outdoor Woodcleaner