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Become a DevoNatural® craftsman for the treatment of parquet flooring!

Gain a real advantage from the "DevoNatural craftsman" partnership!

DevoNatural erkend vakmanDevoNatural “professionnal parquet products” meet the strictest standards for the treatment of parquet flooring without compromising quality. They are manufactured with the best raw materials and using the latest technologies. DevoNatural tracks the latest trends in interior decoration and offers original colours as well as contemporary finishes.

While being ecologically-minded, the DevoNatural brand aims for the highest degree of resistance to wear, chemical products and UV rays, colour fastness, hardness, etc. for each type of product: varnish, oil, wax or soap. It develops products with the utmost care that are easy to use and have the shortest possible drying time. It furthermore provides a maintenance product suitable for every type of finish.

DevoNatural erkend vakman

A craftsman who possesses a "DevoNatural certificate of competence", and who primarily uses DevoNatural products, has the right to use the brand name and the "DevoNatural craftsman" quality label.
The DevoNatural certificate of competence is awarded to craftsmen who have followed the DevoNatural training programme.

As a DevoNatural craftsman, you receive numerous benefits as well as support:

  • Recognition as a DevoNatural craftsman with the DevoNatural "Qualified Parquet Service" quality label. Technical training for the proper use of sanders for parquet flooring.
  • Technical training for the correct application of all the DevoNatural products, etc.
  • Complete range: levelling products, primers, glues, fillers, varnishes and oils for parquet flooring, waxes, soaps for wood as well as cleaning and maintenance products.
  • Optimal support through our DevoNatural Internet site (Google Adwords campaigns, etc.).
  • Parquet flooring technology and marketing.
  • Commercial assistance for optimal market penetration.
  • Sample texts for tenders, terms and conditions of sale, site acceptances, advertising, leaflets, etc.
  • Samples of wet colours and product colour charts.
  • DevoNatural craftsmen may consult our ombudsman-parquet flooring fitter at any time.
  • Regular information evenings.
  • Leaflets, business cards, headed letter paper, etc.
  • Media package for your own DevoNatural advertising and adaptation of your website.
  • Maintenance of your sanding machines within four working days with the possibility of having one or more replacement machines.
  • DevoNatural work clothing.
  • On-site assistance from our experienced technicians, who also carry out appraisal visits.
  • Etc.

Set yourself apart in every respect with the "DevoNatural craftsman partnership"!

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