"Colour and protect" with a single coat for each parquet floor!

The natural appearance of an oiled parquet floor catches everyone’s eye

Its contemporary colours, easy application and the short time that it takes until the treated surface can be used again make DevoNatural High Solid Oil the best product in every way!

Because of the product’s high solid content and unique molecular structure, it is sufficient to apply a single layer to the floor. Moreover, it would serve no purpose to apply an extra layer, as the wood will reject any further product after it has become saturated. Adding a finish to your parquet floor can therefore be a very quick task and will only take a small amount of oil per m²!

Adding DevoNatural Extra Hardener means that you can use your floor after only 12 hours and further reinforces the wear resistance of the oil coating.


DevoNatural® High Solid Oil

Natural high solid oil, hardening, single layer system, for use on interior and exterior woodwork.

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DevoNatural® Extra Hardener

Prepolymer-based component for faster hardening DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

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