DevoNatural® Extra Hardener

Prepolymer-based component

Prepolymer component for making DevoNatural High Solid Oil harden faster and more stain resistant. DevoNatural High Solid Oil + Extra Hardener is already 100% dry after only 12 hours!

DevoNatural Extra Hardener - Voor een snellere uitharding en hogere vlekbestendigheid van DevoNatural High Solid Oil. DevoNatural High Solid Oil + Extra Hardener is na 12 uren reeds 100% belastbaar!


When added to DevoNatural High Solid Oil, DevoNatural Extra Hardener triggers the oxidative drying process and makes the product dry more fully and rapidly. Wooden floors treated with DevoNatural High Solid Oil + Extra Hardener can usually be used and walked on after only 12 hours. This makes this combination extremely suitable for finishing wooden floors in construction projects, public buildings, hotels/restaurants, function rooms, industrial finishing companies, etc., especially if an oil is needed that is suitable for heavy use. 

  • Fully dry and can be walked on after 12 hours;
  • Increased wear resistance;
  • Increased stain resistance;
  • Increased chemical resistance, in compliance with DIN68861;
  • Can be applied indoors and outdoors;
  • Highly moisture resistant;
  • Seamless application and finish.
Special properties: The active substances in DevoNatural Extra Hardener have special properties based on DCC technology (Dual Cure Chemistry). DevoNatural Extra Hardener produces a chemical reaction with reactive groups found in DevoNatural High Solid Oil, which causes it to harden by means of an oxidative and chemical/ hygroreactive process. When modified using Extra Hardener, DevoNatural High Solid Oil has the powerful properties of a bi-component oil, but maintains the positive properties of a physically hardening single component oil!



Surface preparation: The surface must be sanded, clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

Product preparation: Shake well and stir DevoNatural High Solid Oil before use. Add 5 - 10% DevoNatural Extra Hardener and stir. Continue to stir for at least one minute until you obtain an even consistency.

Application: Please refer to the instructions for DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

Drying time: Dust dry after 6 hours at 22°C and 60 % HR.

Finish coat: See instructions for DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

Pot life: After stirring into the DevoNatural High Solid Oil, the mixture can be applied for 5 hours.

Dry enough to walk on: After 8 - 12 hours.

Full curing time: 4 days. Do not cover and avoid any contact with water during the hardening period.

Working temperature: 10 - 25°C.

Consumption: 50 – 100ml DevoNatural Extra Hardener per litre of DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

When mixed with DevoNatural High Solid Oil, the product may spontaneously combust! Allow any pads and cloths used to dry in the open air or immerse them in water, in order to prevent spontaneous combustion!

Clean tools: Using DevoNatural High Solid Oil Diluent.

Maintenance: See instructions for DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

Shelf life: 2 years if kept in properly sealed packaging.

Disposal: Dispose of any left-over product and empty packaging, in compliance with the applicable local regulations.


100 ml


Technical data sheet for DevoNatural Extra Hardener