DevoNatural® High Solid Oil

Parquet oil

Single layer matt hardening oil, with high covering power, made from natural oils. For all types of parquet, wooden floors and other interior and exterior woodwork.

DevoNatural High Solid Oil - Parketolie. Matte uithardende één-laag-olie met hoog dekkend vermogen op basis van natuurlijke oliën. Voor alle soorten parket, plankenvloeren en ander hout, binnen én buiten.


DevoNatural High Solid Oil is also suitable for floors in business premises and heavily used residential floors. The product is easy to apply and penetrates fully in to the open pores in the wood. DevoNatural High Solid Oil can be applied to all types of wood. Indoor use: parquet, wooden and cork floors, furniture, wood partitions, etc. This product is water resistant and also suitable for parquet floors in bathrooms. Outdoor use: external woodwork garden furniture, patios, etc. Also suitable for exotic woods, such as teak, etc.

  • Available colours: colourless, pure, chalk white, silk white, agate grey, vison grey, weathered oak, ceruse black.
  • Ready to use single layer system;
  • With UV filter and anti-yellowing;
  • High solid particle content;
  • For indoor and outdoor use;
  • Also suitable for exotic wood;
  • Highly moisture resistant;
  • Matt or satin finish;
  • Seamless application and finish.
Special properties: After being treated with DevoNatural High Solid oil, the parquet and wood in general remain elastic and are able to breathe, while the film of oil provides greater wear and scratch resistance. Maintenance products, such as cleaning soap and renewing treatments keep your floor in optimum condition and considerably extend its life span.
Tip: Adding DevoNatural Extra Hardener to DevoNatural High Solid Oil, will further improve wear resistance and reduce drying time!



Surface preparation: The surface must be sanded, clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

Product preparation: Shake well and stir before use.


Application method: Use a brush, cotton cloth or rotating machine fitted with thick white or beige pads. Apply a thin coat. Rub within 30 minutes and remove any excess oil, using lint-free cotton cloths or polish using a rotating machine equipped with thick white or beige pads. Apply 60 - 80 cm strokes. If needed, polish the entire floor again using thick white or felt pads, in order to remove any excess oil!

Drying time: 6 hours at 22°C and 60% HR after mechanical sanding. Otherwise, 6 - 18 hours. Avoid all contact with water for the first 2 weeks after applying DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

Finish: DevoNatural High Solid Oil is a single coat system and does not require an additional finish coat. The product has a matt appearance. In order to obtain a satin effect, a thin coat of DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer can be applied using a spray, before using the rotating machine equipped with thick white pads, after allowing sufficient time for drying (minimum 24 hours, the floor should no longer be sticky).

Dry enough to walk on: After 24 - 36 hours.

Fully dry after: 7 days. Do not cover during the hardening period!

Working temperature: 10 - 25 °C.

Consumption: 18 - 36 m²/litre per coat, depending on the type of wood, hardness and application method. Industrial application: 50 m²/litre.

Clean tools: Using DevoNatural High Solid Oil Diluent.


  • Everyday maintenance: Using a vacuum cleaner and/or dry duster.
  • Weekly maintenance: Using a floor cloth and DevoNatural Wood Soap. For maintenance, always use DevoNatural Wood Soap. Under no circumstances should you use all-purpose household cleaners, which may discolour and tarnish the floor!
  • Major maintenance and local repairs: Using DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner and DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer. 

Shelf life: 2 years if kept sealed in the original packaging.

Disposal: Dispose of any left-over product and empty packaging, in compliance with the applicable local regulations.

EU value limit for this product (cat A/f): 700 g/l (2010). This product contains max. 150 g/l VOS.

Caution: Before use, please shake the product well and check the colour! The colour effect depends on the type of wood!
In order to prevent spontaneous combustion, soak any cloths and pads used in water or leave to dry in open air! Do not cover the treated floor during the hardening period!!



100 ml, 1L and 5L.

Available colours: colourless, pure, chalk white, silk white, agate grey, vison grey, weathered oak, ceruse black..

DevoNatural High Solid Oil Agate Grey DevoNatural High Solid Oil Ceruse Black DevoNatural High Solid Oil Chalk White DevoNatural High Solid Oil Colourless DevoNatural High Solid Oil Pure DevoNatural High Solid Oil Silk White DevoNatural High Solid Oil Vison Grey DevoNatural High Solid Weathered Oak


Technical data sheet for DevoNatural High Solid Oil