"Maintenance products" for DevoNatural® High Solid Oil

Decide for yourself how dense you would like the colour of your floor to be!

DevoNatural Wood Soap enables you to clean and nourish your parquet floor. It also keeps on protecting your floor so that it keeps its colour.

High Solid Oil Renewer and Intensive Cleaner make it possible for you to remove small marks and stains.

By using DevoNatural maintenance products, you will be able to enjoy your parquet floor for even longer - and without having to sand it again!


DevoNatural® Wood Soap

Cleaning and nourishing soap for oiled and untreated wooden floors.

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DevoNatural® High Solid Oil Renewer

Maintenance and renewer oil for parquet floors.

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DevoNatural® Intensive Cleaner

Powerful cleaner for removing old layers of soap, polymer films and polishes.

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