DevoNatural® Diluent

Diluent and cleaner

Synthetic oil diluent and cleaning liquid.

DevoNatural Diluent - Synthetische olieverdunner en reinigerApplications

DevoNatural Diluent is a synthetic oil diluent that can be used to dilute DevoNatural High Solid Oil and  for manually degreasing wooden, cork and tiled floors, as well as ceilings, furniture, etc. The product is also suitable for cleaning tools, mops, brushes, buckets used to hold the product, etc.



As a diluent: By diluting 10% DevoNatural High Solid Oil with DevoNatural Diluent, you can prepare a maintenance oil that can be used to thoroughly clean floors, furniture, etc. that have been treated with DevoNatural High Solid Oil.

As a cleaning liquid: Dampen a clean cloth using with DevoNatural Diluent and apply it to the surface that you wish to clean. Remove any excess product using a dry cloth.

Shelf life: Minimum 12 months if kept in properly sealed packaging.

Disposal: Any left-over product should be handled as chemical waste and properly disposed of in compliance with local regulations.

Caution! Never use undiluted DevoNatural Diluent with electrical devices, due to the risk of explosion!



1 L


Technical data sheet DevoNatural Diluent