DevoNatural® High Solid Oil Renewer

Maintenance oil

Natural colourless or coloured liquid maintenance oil for renewing or repairing small areas of existing oil layers.

DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer - Kleurloze of gekleurde vloeibare natuurlijke onderhoudsolie voor vernieuwing of plaatselijke herstelling van bestaande olielagen.Applications

For major maintenance (yearly or every two years) and renewing parquet and wooden floors, furniture, doors, etc. treated with DevoNatural High Solid Oil. Also suitable for removing localised stains or repairing damage.

  • Available colours: Colourless, ceruse white and vison grey;
  • Low consumption: ± 70 m²/litre;
  • Easy to apply.


Surface preparation: The surface must be dry, clean and free of old layers of soap. Always clean first using DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner.

Product preparation: Shake well before use.

Application method:

When renewing a small area (thoroughfare): Apply DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer using a dry lint-free cloth and spread across the surface to create a thin and even coat.

When treating an entire room: Coat the floor evenly, using DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer, which should be applied using a lint-free cloth or vaporiser (spray) and spread (mop). If desired, the floor can subsequently be polished using a rotating machine fitted with a beige or white pad.

Always remove any excess product, do not apply in layers! How frequently you will need to apply DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer will depend on how much the floor is used.

Drying time: 2 - 4 hours, if well ventilated.

Working temperature: 15 - 22°C.

Consumption: 70 m²/litre per treatment.

Clean tools: DevoNatural Diluent.

Maintenance: DevoNatural Wood Soap. See also the DevoNatural High Solid Oil technical data sheet and DevoNatural maintenance sheet for oiled floors.

Shelf life: Minimum 12 months if kept sealed in packaging.

Disposal: Any left-over product should be handled as chemical waste and properly disposed of in compliance with local regulations.

Attention: Before use, please shake the product well and check the colour! The colour effect depends on the type of wood! In order to prevent spontaneous combustion, soak any cloths and pads used in water or leave to dry in open air! Do not cover the treated floor during the hardening period!


EU value limit for this product (cat A/j): 700 g/l (2010). This produce contains max. 500 g/l VOS.


1 L


Technical data sheet DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer