DevoNatural® Intensive Cleaner

Krachtige reiniger

Powerful cleaner for removing old layers of soap, polish and grease from wooden floors, including tropical and heavily soiled wood.

DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner - Voor het verwijderen van oude zeeplagen, polishen en het ontvetten van sterk vervuilde houten vloeren, tropische houtsoorten, enz.Applications

DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner must be used before applying a parquet oil, oil renewer or new soap finish. Only use this product on water resistant parquet with a minimum thickness of 14 mm, due to the risk of swelling and warping.

  • As a pre-cleaner for all types of parquet finish;
  • Also removes polymer films and polishes!
Special characteristics: Over 90% bio-degradable.
Tip: Always use 2 buckets – one for the Intensive Cleaner mixture and the other filled with rinsing water. Do not use DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner undiluted, as this makes it less effective.



Surface preparation: Remove all dust.

Product preparation: Dilute 0.5 - 1 litre DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner in 10 litres of cold water, depending how dirty the floor is.


Application: Apply this strong alkalic solution to the floor, using a floor cloth or mop. It will immediately begin to work. Allow it to act for approx. 5 - 10 minutes. Then wipe or rub by hand. In the event of heavy soiling and large surfaces, you will be able to clean the floor with a rotating machine fitted with a black pad or using a scrubbing brush. Clean with a mop soaked in clean water. For large surfaces, it is recommended that you use a wet vacuum cleaner. If the floor is extremely dirty, repeat the process, if required.

Do not allow water to collect on the wooden floor and make sure that it does not become too wet!

Finish coat: Allow the floor to dry fully for a minimum of 24 hours, before treating it again with parquet oil, oil renewer or using a soap as a finish coat, which will also nourish your floor.

Working temperature: Do not apply at temperatures below 12°C.

Consumption: 50-200 m²/litre.

Clean tools: Using water.

Shelf life: Minimum 1 year if kept in properly sealed packaging. Protect against frost.

Disposal: Small quantities can be disposed of with household waste.

Caution: Do not use on types of parquet that are sensitive to moisture, including some stratified floor coverings. Before each use, the user should, at his own risk, test whether this product is suitable for the applicable floor.



1 L


Technical data sheet DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner