DevoNatural® Wood Soap

Maintenance soap

Cleaning and nourishing neutral soap for oiled and untreated wooden floors.

DevoNatural Wood Soap - Neutrale reinigende en voedende zeep voor geoliede of onbehandelde houten vloeren.Applications

Cleaning and nourishing natural soap for parquet and wooden floors. This soapy solution can also be applied as a finish treatment for floors made of woods, such as spruce/pine, oak, etc. (test before using on tropical woods).

  • Available colours: colourless, white or grey.
Tip: You should preferably use the “two bucket” method, particularly on very large surfaces. One bucket containing soapy water is used for cleaning, together with a floor cloth or mop. The other bucket should be filled with water for rinsing. Always rinse the floor cloth or mop in the rinse bucket, before soaking it in the soapy water. This means that the soapy water stays clean and your parquet floor will not get dirty too rapidly.
Tip: In order to help prevent your parquet from losing its colour, you can alternate between using DevoNatural Wood Soap Clear and DevoNatural Wood Soap White. This white soap adds a subtle white colour. In order to prevent the floor from becoming excessively white after repeated use, alternate with a colourless soap. Maintaining your parquet floor will also help you to influence its colour.



Surface preparation: Start by dry-cleaning the surface, using a vacuum cleaner or duster.

Product preparation: Shake well before use.


Application method:

Regular maintenance: Pour 100 - 200 ml of DevoNatural Wood Soap into 10 litres of water. Then clean the parquet with a floor cloth that has been soaked in this soapy solution. Rinse the mop or floor cloth at regular intervals.

As a final treatment for softwood floors (e.g. pine, etc.): Pour 1 litre of the product into 10 litres of water. Apply this soapy solution using a mop and allow it to fully penetrate into the wood. Repeat this process until the floor is saturated.

Dry enough to walk on: After 30 – 90 minutes, depending on the porosity of the surface and quantity used.

Working temperature: 5 - 30°C

Clean tool: Rinse the mop thoroughly in water after use.

Maintenance: Continue to maintain your floor using DevoNatural Wood Soap. See also the DevoNatural maintenance sheet for oiled floors.

Shelf life: 2 years, if kept sealed in the original packaging. Protect against frost.

Safety: Water-based soap = solvent-free. Composition (in compliance with the EC regulations): 5-15% anionic surface agents and perfumes.


2 L


Technical data sheet DevoNatural Wood Soap