DevoNatural® Colour


Contemporary odourless water-based colour stain for parquet and wooden floors.

DevoNatural Colour - Eigentijdse, reukloze, watergedragen kleurbeits voor parketplanken en plankenvloeren.Applications

DevoNatural Colour is particularly recommended as an easy way of adding a contemporary colour to parquet and wooden floors, furniture, internal doors, etc. Suitable only for indoor use.

Available colours: ceruse white, grey shadow, antique oak, smoked grey, jatoba, dark oak, ebony, walnut and castle grey.

  • Fast-drying;
  • 9 contemporary colours;
  • Environment-friendly;
  • Solvent-free.


Surface preparation:

Treated or soiled wood: If necessary, strip, sand and/or thoroughly clean in order to open up the pores.

New or cleaned wood: Gently sand until smooth. In either case, the surface must be clean and free of grease.

Product preparation: Shake well and stir before use.

Application: Use a brush or sponge. Carefully apply in strokes (max. width of 60 cm for small surfaces and 20 cm for large surfaces), using a sufficient amount of the product. Always apply up to the edge of each floorboard, without overlapping. Then rub in longitudinal direction using a clean lint-free cloth, in order to obtain a consistent colour. If desired, a second coat can be applied after 4 hours.

Drying time: 3 hours.

Finish coat: After it has dried for 6 hours, apply the 1st coat of DevoNatural Finish using a brush and without any sanding. Apply to each board, aligning the edges without overlapping! After it has dried, lightly sand using a machine + fitted with a 220 grit sanding disc. Take care not to remove the colour when sanding. Alternatively, you can also sand the surface by hand. Remove all dust and apply a finish coat consisting of at least 2 coats of DevoNatural Finish. Between the 2nd and 3rd coat, sand using a 220 grit disk sanding disc.

Dry enough to walk on: After 6 hours.

Working temperature: Do not apply at temperatures below 12 °C.

Consumption: 8 - 10 m²/litre.

Clean tools: Using water.

Shelf life: 12 months if kept unopened in its original packaging. Protect against frost.

Disposal: Any left-over product should be handled as chemical waste and properly disposed of, in compliance with local regulations.

EU limit value for this product: (cat A/f): 150 g/l (2007)/130 g/l (2010). This product contains a maximum of 90 g/l COV. Ebony, dark oak and jatoba contain a cobalt complex and may trigger an allergic reaction.

Caution: Before use, please stir the product and check the colour! Always test the colour on the floor that you intend to treat.



100 ml and 2 L

Available colours: ceruse white, grey shadow, antique oak, smoked grey, jatoba, dark oak, ebony, walnut and castle grey.

DevoNatural Colour Antique Oak DevoNatural Colour Castle Grey DevoNatural Colour Ceruse White DevoNatural Colour Dark Oak DevoNatural Colour Ebony DevoNatural Colour Jatoba DevoNatural Colour Shadow Grey DevoNatural Colour Smoked Grey DevoNatural Colour Walnut


Technical data sheet for DevoNatural Colour