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Become a DevoNatural® premium dealer

Do you feel familiar with the treatment of parquet and plank flooring and are you interested in becoming a premium dealer for the complete range of DevoNatural products?

DevoNatural "professional parquet products" are environmentally-friendly products that meet the strictest standards for the treatment of parquet flooring. They are of superior quality, manufactured using the best raw materials and they benefit from the latest technologies. DevoNatural tracks the latest trends in interior decoration and offers original colours as well as contemporary finishes.

For each type of product (varnish, oil, wax or soap), DevoNatural guarantees the highest performance in terms of respect for the environment, hardness, resistance to wear, chemical products, UV rays, colour stability, etc. The products are easy to apply and have the shortest possible drying time! Furthermore, there is a maintenance product suitable for every type of finish.

DevoNatural premium display

In recent years several tens of thousands of square metres of parquet flooring have been treated with DevoNatural, and today our well-known brand is synonymous with superior quality and respect for the environment in the treatment of parquet flooring. In the context of the expansion of our network of DevoNatural premium dealers, we wish to even further extend our brand's reputation and optimise the service provided to end users!

As a DevoNatural premium dealer, you sell the complete DevoNatural range (finishing products and maintenance products) and you receive enhanced assistance from our support centre.

DevoNatural premium dealers must have:

  • A core business that is compatible with the sale of products for parquet flooring;
  • Sufficient financial resources to acquire the complete range of DevoNatural products;
  • A showroom or commercial space;
  • Sufficient knowledge concerning the laying and renovation of parquet flooring or the intention to acquire this knowledge via our training courses.

DevoNatural booklet

The DevoNatural support centre offers you free of charge :

  • Parquet flooring technology and marketing.
  • Assistance for advertising campaigns.
  • Enhanced assistance through the www.devonatural.be website.
  • Technical and commercial training to become a true DevoNatural premium dealer.
  • Samples of wet and dry colours and examples of products.
  • Brochures and leaflets.
  • Collection of digital media for the addition of DevoNatural information to your website.
  • DevoNatural brand advertising panel.
  • Display unit for the whole range of DevoNatural products.
  • DevoNatural window stickers.
  • Etc.

As a DevoNatural premium dealer, you will set yourself apart from the competition in the market for the treatment of parquet flooring and will quickly generate significant sales!

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