DevoNatural® Soft Cleaner


Cleaner for regular maintenance of varnished parquets, bamboo, cork, vinyl and laminate floors. Does not leave any residues.

DevoNatural Soft Cleaner - Reiniger voor regelmatig onderhoud van geverniste parket, bamboe, kurk en laminaatvloeren. Laat geen residu achter.Application

Soap for cleaning and maintaining sealed/varnished parquet, wood, bamboo, cork, vinyl and laminate floors. Do not use on waxed or oiled floors!

  • Developed according to DevoNatural’s environmental standards;
  • Kind to the skin;
  • Pleasant odour;
  • Fast drying.
Special characteristics: DevoNatural Soft Cleaner cleans, degreases and protects the natural colour and shine of your floor. Does not leave any residues. Specially designed for regular maintenance, this product does not damage the varnish coating, even if used in concentrated form, because of its gentle alkalic action.
Tip: You should preferably use the “two bucket” method, particularly on very large surfaces. One bucket containing soapy water is used for cleaning, together with a floor cloth or mop. The other bucket should be filled with water for rinsing. Always rinse the floor cloth or mop in the rinse bucket, before soaking it in the soapy water. This means that the soapy water stays clean and your parquet floor will not get dirty too rapidly.



Surface preparation: Always dry-clean the surface, using a vacuum cleaner or duster.

Product preparation: Dilute 100 ml of DevoNatural Soft Cleaner with 5 litres of water.


Application: Clean using a well-wrung floor cloth or mop. For fast and easy application, use the DevoNatural Spraymop.

Drying time: 30 – 90 minutes, depending on the porosity of the surface and quantity used.

Working temperature: 5 - 30°C.

Clean tools: Rinse the floor and mop thoroughly in water after use.

Maintenance: Use DevoNatural Soft Cleaner to maintain your floor. See also the DevoNatural maintenance sheet for varnished floors.

Shelf life: Minimum 12 months, if kept sealed in the original packaging and protected against frost.

Disposal: Small quantities may be disposed of with household waste, in compliance with local regulations.



1 L


Technical data sheet DevoNatural Soft Cleaner