DevoNatural® Solid Wax


Traditional solid wax, made from high quality natural waxes, such as beeswax, carnauba and candelilla wax.


DevoNatural Solid Wax - Boenwas - Traditionele vaste boenwas op basis van natuurlijke hoogwaardige wassen zoals o.a. ruwe bijenwas, carnauba en candelilla.DevoNatural Solid Wax protects, nourishes and can be used for regular maintenance of wooden floors, furniture, beams, waxed doors, natural stone, rustic tiles, Burgundy stone, etc.

  • Does not alter the colour of natural stone;
  • Very workable at room temperature (paste-like product);
  • Easy to apply without any seams;
  • Lasting shine effect;
  • Can be applied mechanically or by hand.


Surface preparation: The surface must be dry, clean and free of any old layers of dirty wax. Start by removing any dirty layers of wax, using DevoNatural Liquid Wax.

Product preparation: Ready-for-use product. Keep at room temperature for at least 1 day before using. Do not heat!


Application: Use a wax applicator, mop or cloth. On untreated wood, start by filling the pores with DevoNatural High Solid Oil or Seal, in order to ensure maximum stain resistance. On old waxed floors, start by removing layers of dirty wax, using turpentine or DevoNatural Liquid Wax. Apply even coats of DevoNatural Solid Wax until the floor becomes saturated. Immediately clean using a rotating or waxing machine fitted with a thick white pad or waxing brush. For increased shine, polish after drying using a rotating machine fitted with a white wool pad or waxing machine fitted with a wool pad or felt pads.

Drying time: 12 hours at room temperature.

Working temperature: Optimum workability at room temperature.

Consumption: 20-30 m²/kg.

Clean tools: Using DevoNatural Diluent, turpentine or white spirit.

Maintenance: Clean, without wetting the floor, using a vacuum cleaner or duster. Do not use a damp floor cloth! At regular intervals, apply extra wax to heavily used areas, using DevoNatural Solid Wax or clean using DevoNatural Liquid Wax. To make the finish last longer, wax regularly with a waxing machine fitted with a white or wool pad.

Shelf life: Unlimited at room temperature, if kept properly sealed in packaging.

Disposal: Any left-over product should be handled as chemical waste and properly disposed of, in compliance with local regulations.


750 G and 2 kg


Technical data sheet DevoNatural Solid Wax